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Test better, faster and cheaper with our groundbreaking model-based solution!

Automate your end-to-end tests with our tool in 20 minutes instead of the industry-average of 4 hours – no code, no debugging, much less maintenance

How we are different?

All other’s solution:
Model is computer-readable

Every detail is involved
Application should be ready
Outputs should be calculated

Our solution:
Model is human-readable

High-level model is understandable for
humans only
No application should be ready
Outputs are checked

Key Features

High-level modelling

Based on the requirements, you can design high-level models. A model is human-readable, i.e., only humans can understand. Harmony generates abstract, manual test cases from the model. This modelling is an excellent defect prevention method. Modelling efficiently automates test design without any coding.

Test implementation

The tester or the developer manually executes the abstract test cases. During the execution, the low-level model and the test code are generated. The tests are immediately executed by the runner. If a test step fails, you can delete and execute it again. When the execution is ready, the test is automated. No debugging is needed.

Return on Investment

One test case requires about 4 hours traditionally
With Harmony it takes 20 minutes
The cost of a test automation engineer is EUR 500/day
Harmony costs EUR 10/day
The cost reduction is EUR 500 * 0,917 -10 = EUR 448/day
ROI: 44.8

“The solution based on a two-phase model adds a layer on top of the traditional model. It is a high-
level model where the tool generates test cases that the testers can understand. When the tester
executes these tests manually, the tool generates test code that can be executed automatically. This
is a very efficient solution where the results do not need to be pre-calculated, but only checked. This
significantly reduces the time needed for test automation and maintenance.”

Attila Kovács

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