Test execution

When the test cases are ready, you can execute them. A special advantage is that you don’t need to scan screens for XPath expressions. The only thing is needed to write the in the appropriate location in the code:

data-harmony-id =”Category name” such as   data-harmony-id =”card owner”

This takes less than a minute and the maintenance costs will be significantly reduced as you can move, rename, etc. your GUI elements. However, you can give the necessary XPath path expressions for existing code.

You can execute one test case, all the test cases for a feature and all the test cases for a project. In this way, if the application is ready, then you can immediately try your test and fix it, if necessary.  To do this it is essential that your test cases be independent from each other.

You can use the test cases of other features by which complex test cases can be made quickly. Harmony’s experience is that designing a test case to be executed successfully takes about 20 minutes in average. Yet, the biggest advantage is maintenance as you don’t need to modify test cases at all as they are regenerated again and again.

Here is an example of executing test cases for a “Pizza” application.