Create a concrete test model

When both the abstract model and the application is ready, you can create the model for the concrete tests based on the application and map the abstract test steps to concrete ones.

One of the main tasks for test execution automation is the connect UI objects and test entities. We added a window ‘Selectors and values’, where the selectors with the potential values/events can be given.

When the selectors are ready you can create the Gherkin++ phrases that are the concrete equivalents of the abstract action-state steps. It’s reasonable to create when the implementation is ready. When you select the required action/response, you can make the concrete model by selecting the appropriate keywords, selector, and the related value without writing any code. Here is the concrete model (phrases) of abstract steps 3 and 4 of this test design.

This is a no-code way of test automation, however, requires strong technical skill to create the model. Software testers with no programming knowledge need this skill to design reliable tests.