Harmony’s story

Harmony is fueled by an enthusiastic and technology driven team of game changers. Harmony has one credo: It’s all about defining use cases and acceptance criteria, the rest is Harmony’s job. Test automation can be so simple. With Harmony we live shift left testing.

Harmony’s mission

Let Harmony do your boring repetitive test automation tasks while you focus on the creative part of acceptance criteria.

Harmony’s vision

Harmony shall become the game changer for a smooth continuous testing. Any size of team shall use Harmony for better coding and fast quality deployment.

Key people

István Forgács

Founder – CEO

Researcher and inventor of Harmony. István is author and coauthor of several test design books.

Zoltán Hrabovszki

Founder – CEO

Test automation engineer and inventor of Harmony.

Bernát Kalló

Cofounder – Chief architect

Alexander Kautny

Cofounder – Business Developer

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